Irvine, California - November 3, 2017 -- CP-Carrillo, Inc. and Arias Industries, Inc., a high performance pistons manufacturer, jointly announced today that CP-Carrillo will acquire the Arias Pistons brand name, trademark and relocate their piston production to CP-Carrillo’s main manufacturing facility in Irvine.

“Arias Pistons has endured the test of time, created a legendary history and we are beyond excited to continue this legacy”, said Barry Calvert, CEO CP-Carrillo. "Both companies strive to provide the best internal engine components to the customer; and combining the Arias product offering with our high-volume manufacturing capabilities is taking it to the next level."

In 1969, Nick Arias Jr. and Carmen Arias started Arias Pistons as a small family owned business in Gardena, California. “With minimal staff and equipment, our parents began a journey that produced leading-edge and highly innovative products and most importantly, new client relations that the family still cherish today. Faced with the current industry consolidation, we have found in CP-Carrillo a strong partner to continue our mission to bring the highest quality, experience, performance and innovation to our customers,” said Nick Arias III, son of Carmen and the late Nick Arias, Jr.

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Las Vegas - Duane Shields driving the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster enjoyed a solid weekend at the 17th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals held in his home town of Las Vegas. Duane qualified 5th with a respectable 5.31 at 270 MPH. Besides the racing, there was plenty of action in the PEAK pit area as Duane hosted a dinner after qualifying for all of the top alcohol teams in attendance. In addition, many home town fans who attended the sold out race visited their pit throughout the weekend.

In round one, Duane faced Ashley Sanford who has been making headlines lately in her quest to race Top Fuel. As the lights came down Duane got off the starting line first with an 0.070 reaction time to Sanford’s 0.091. Duane needed the starting line advantage as his car shook and he was forced to pedal in order to save the run. At the top end he dropped a cylinder but still was able to take an exciting win with a 5.42 at 264 MPH to Sanford’s close 5.44 at 271 MPH.

In the quarterfinals, Duane took on Chris Demke. As both cars staged Duane slightly moved his foot against the pedal which caused the car to break the starting line beam and triggered a red light giving the win to Demke. “Overall it was a good race. The car ran good, we qualified well and we had a great first round win. We have been on the road all year so it was nice to see our home town fans” Duane said.

With the season wrapping up, there are just two races left including a historically difficult regional event next weekend at the same venue. “We will be back here next weekend for the regional event and then roll into Pomona for the final race of the season, and then get ready for next year” Duane said. As always, Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their continued support.
CP-Carrillo’s new Top Fuel Forging, the “TF-X” is the first forged side relief (FSR) piston offered for the Top Fuel segment. Derived from the ultra-successful and popular CP-Carrillo Blown Alcohol FSR forging the “TA-X” , the “TF-X” has been proven throughout 1 ½ years of rigorous R&D and testing during National Event competition to be lighter, stronger, and more stable than any other offering. It exhibits less crown deflection, less skirt collapse, and better ring seal than any other Top Fuel forging ever produced. The application of the “TF-X” FSR concept in conjunction with our proven clearances have created the ultimate piston for Blown Nitro applications. These forgings are in stock and engines are setting records with TF-X pistons – call your sales tech today and get the best piston for the most demanding nitro engines in the world.
LAS VEGAS (Oct. 26, 2017) – NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster pilot Kirk Wolf enters this weekend’s NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with primary sponsorship from Blendtek Fine Ingredients. Las Vegas is the last race of the season for Wolf, who recently finished third in the NHRA North Central Region championship points.

Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Blendtek Fine Ingredients is a premier food ingredients and solutions company with a mission to challenge expectations and help fuel food innovation globally. Blendtek and owner Bill Zinger have been associate sponsors of Kirk Wolf and the Booher Racing Top Alcohol Dragster since Wolf began his rookie season earlier this year. This weekend, Blendtek will take over the primary branding on the supercharged, Spitzer-built dragster.

“I’m pretty excited because the Zinger family – Bill, Steve, Kim and Kristy – are longtime friends of mine,” Wolf said. “It’s been an honor to have them on board with us all season and to now have them as the primary sponsor on the side of the car for this weekend. I hope we can represent Blendtek well and bring them back a Wally.”

Wolf enters Las Vegas with a full season of experience behind the wheel of the torque converter-equipped Booher Racing entry. He raced to three consecutive regional-event final rounds – one at Chicago and two at Indy – and won the second Indy race. He then recorded the world’s first 5.2-second pass for a torque converter car at the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indy. Tuned by 2013 NHRA North Central Region champion Brandon Booher, Wolf has been in the 5.2-second range at all but two races since the U.S. Nationals.

“I’m actually pretty confident that we have a car that can win,” Wolf asserted. “Brandon has the tuneup where he wants it. The car is running consistent 5.2s. I don’t see why we don’t have a good chance at winning this event. As long as I’m on my game on the tree and Brandon keeps the car running...
Noonan Race Engineering unleashes it’s power again throughout the Alcohol Hemi Drag Racing fraternity, by delivering world beating numbers with it’s all new Noonan 4.9 Bore Space Hemi Engine at Virginia Motorsports Park yesterday.

Noonan formed a three race deal with Australian Doorslammer Legend – John Zappia to pilot their PDRA Pro Extreme Jerry Bickel 1969 Camaro with the PDRA World Finals being the last of the three races.

Noonan’s USA General Manager, and fuel management extraordinaire Darrell Makins, assisted by USA based Noonan Engineer- Lee White, along with Jamie Noonan and John Zappia, formed the multicultural brains trust that led to yesterday’s success along with support help from the Zappia Racing Team. The collective skill, experience and credibility, came together to form a record-setting team.

Pictured from left to right –
Darrell Makins, Lee White, Jamie Noonan, Renee Noonan and John Zappia

“We had a game plan for this three race deal and we are ecstatic to see it pay off. To lay down a world record 5.42 @ 265.33 mph on our first full quarter mile pass certainly proves the engine is on point with where we thought it should be and for John to head back to Australia tomorrow as the world’s quickest and fastest blown door car driver, we’re thrilled for him, the entire Zappia racing team and for all of our fans” said Jamie Noonan, CEO. “Our efforts now will be geared back on the business, continuing to improve our internal processes and both on and off track customer relations, along with the introduction of new services to underpin our business model going forward”.

The Noonan and Zappia Racing Team; missing is Richard Zappia.

About Noonan
Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is one of Australia’s premier race engine building and development facilities and a world leader in billet component innovation and boasts a growing presence in the US market. Offering engine...
Courtesy of Randy Meyer Racing // Pictures by Ron Lewis Photography


In only her sophomore year of competing in the Top Alcohol Dragster class, Megan Meyer, daughter of World Champion Tuner and Team Owner, Randy Meyer, claimed a Runner-Up finish at the NHRA AAA FallNationals in Dallas, as well as the Lucas Oil Series Central Region Points Championship.

Megan led the quickest field in history with a 5.23 E.T. at 278 mph while her teammate, Julie Nataas, sat in the 4thposition with a 5.26 E.T. at 273 mph. There were 27 cars competing for the 16-car field, and the bump spot was a 5.349 E.T., making it the quickest Top Alcohol Dragster field in NHRA. Megan went on to win the opening round of eliminations against Lee Callaway, while Julie unfortunately lost on a holeshot running a 5.27 E.T.

Megan moved onto second round with a bye run as Mike Edstrom was not able to make the call, which worked out in her favor as she had tire shake that caused her to abort the run early. However, the Randy Meyer Racing Team knew they had to step up their performance to defeat the defending World Champion, Joey Severance, in the semi-finals. Megan’s car did just that and laid down a 5.16 E.T., the quickest pass of the event and her second-quickest pass of her career.

The final round match-up saw Megan against Todd Bruce in his first National event. Unfortunately Megan had intense tire shake again that led her to get out of the groove and lift off the throttle, as Todd went on to run a 5.26 E.T. for the win.

“It was an emotional weekend for myself,” said Megan. “We had a lot of cars in our class competing to qualify and I was hoping to be one of the top 16 since I did not make it last year. But, we have a much better car now than we did last year at this...
Dallas - Duane Shields and the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team returned to Dallas for the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals after a long absence from this classic Autumn event. Duane qualified deep into the field with a 5.27 at 275 MPH which put him in the 5th position going into round one. This was an impressive feat on it’s own considering it was the quickest Top Alcohol Dragster field in history. Over 27 cars were battling for 16 positions so many teams left “Big D” empty handed.

In the first round, the Las Vegas native took on the reining national champion from Oregon, Joey Severance. As the lights came down both drivers had good reaction times with Severance having the better light with a 0.018 to Duane’s 0.032. Severance never gave up the lead as he stopped the clock with a 5.29 at 270 MPH to Duane’s 5.45 at 272 MPH. “We didn’t change anything from the last run when we ran the 5.27. We wanted to repeat it and if we did we would have won the round. But, the track went away slightly during eliminations and the car shook and I had to pedal it which slowed me down” Duane explained.

Next, the PEAK team moves on to the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “Our next stop is Las Vegas and we plan to take care of business at our home track” Duane said. As always, Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their support.

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Las Vegas, NV.
– Ahten Racing is proud to welcome Cameron Ferrè and Racepak to the team for the NHRA Toyota Nationals at the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Auto Club NHRA Finals at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. Ferrè will be piloting the Nitromethane injected Top Alcohol Dragster known as the Stump Puller with the guidance of Johnny Ahten.

“Johnny, called me up and asked me what I had going for the end of the year and I told him I was working on some Top Fuel deals and probably just super comp racing until 2018, said Ferrè “He said what do you think about coming out and driving my car to finish the year? I jumped at the chance and I’m super grateful to him and the team for thinking of me. It will for sure help keep me in the shop window so to speak for 2018 opportunities.”

“Ahten Racing has first class equipment and has been to the winners circle before and I hope to be helping them hoist another Wally here soon,” Ferrè added. “I’d also like to thank Racepak and Ted Wiens Tire and Auto for their continued support in my career helping make all this happen. I have had great people around helping me my whole career and I am excited to be able to showcase them on the side of Johnny’s family car along with his sponsors as well.”

“I’m so ready to be back in a nitro car. That’s where I am the happiest. This year we have kind of taken it easy while working on funding for a top fuel program. It’s been nice to take a few months off and has allowed my new wife Angie and I to get settled in our new place, upgrade our sportsman set up, and do some bracket racing. I did get to race my now, father in laws, Nostalgia nitro funny car this summer to get a little nitro fix in the meantime. That was a blast doing it as a family but now we are back and ready to hit it hard to finish out the year with Ahten Racing.”

The primary sponsor of the Ahten Racing entry will be Racepak...
Charlotte - Duane Shields driving the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster had a good, well rounded outing at the 10th Annual NHRA Carolina Nationals held at ZMAX Dragway. Duane qualified fifth in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster with a highly competitive 5.28 at 276 MPH blast. “The car ran well so It was a good event for us. PEAK had some of their customers here on Saturday and NGK had a big presence at this race as well” Duane said.

In round one, Duane took on Tom Fox who qualified with a 5.38 so it was a fairly close match up going into the first round. As the lights came down on the tree, Fox jumped the gun and left too soon giving Duane an automatic first round win. At the finishline, Duane rang up a 5.35 at 273 MPH to move on to the next round.

In the quarterfinals, Duane raced Canadian Shawn Cowie. At the hit Cowie got the starting line advantage and was able to gain enough momentum by mid track to win the race by less than a car length. Cowie stopped the clock with a 5.29 at 272 MPH to Duane’s close 5.32 at 274 MPH. “It was a hot and greasy track. Shawn had a good light against me and he ran well” Duane said after the race.

The Next stop for the PEAK Dragster will be the AAA Texas NHRA Nationals in Dallas, October 12-15. “We have a competitive car we just aren’t getting the results to reflect that right now. But we have another chance in Dallas” Duane said. As always, the team would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their support.

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CONCORD, N.C. (Sept. 13) -- Battling for position in both Top Alcohol Dragster and Super Gas, reigning world champion Mia Tedesco says she's solely focused on having fun in her racecars as her schedule shifts to this weekend's 10th annual NHRA Carolina Nationals at zMax Dragway.

"I'm not even thinking about, let alone worrying about the points," Tedesco said. "All that matters right now is having fun and trying our best to win races in both cars. If we do that, the points will work out however they work out. Getting wrapped up in all that stuff doesn't change what needs to happen on the racetrack so that's where our focus will stay."

Tedesco recently won two divisional races in her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster, taking home trophies from Indianapolis and Bowling Green, Ky. The wins helped her advance to second place in the North Central Region standings and eighth in the national points.

"The alcohol car is running great and it's been fun going rounds and winning a couple of races," Tedesco said. "I actually won my first ever race in Top Alcohol Dragster at Charlotte in 2015 so we have some good memories in that class at this racetrack. Maybe we can make some more memories this weekend."

As for her championship-winning CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/VP Racing Fuels Super Gas Chevrolet Cavalier, Tedesco also has some good history to lean on when she racing begins
in Charlotte.

"Last year I was runner-up in the Super Gas car at the spring race here and when we came back in the fall my crew chief Jason Lynch won Super Gas so we've definitely had some good luck in North Carolina," Tedesco said. "The Cavalier has been every bit as as good as it was last year when we won the championship, we just haven't gotten the breaks this season.

"A lot of races in both Top Alcohol and Super Gas especially are decided by thousandths of a second. It's a fine line between being on the right side of those margins or coming up...