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    steel 426 hemi motor plate -100.00
    red anodized 426 hemi motor plate and front saddle mount - 125.00

    DONOVAN polished 392 valve coverswith choice of tall or short breathers 1595.00

    Bowers Magnesiuem8-71with short snout and Magnesiuem 392 hemi CRAGAR blower manifold ,topped with a classic Enderle 3 fin bugcatcher 4500.00

    small block chevy 4 webber carburator set up with manifold linkage spares and air cleaners 2800.00

    Big block chevrolet 9.800 standard deck blower manifold with burst panel installed and blower studs machined for ports warm up time only -650.00

    new HANS device 300.00

    trick funny car funnel - clears vent tube - no more plastic in the fuel system -225.00

    CROWER 2 disc chevrolet pedal clutch with discs and floater complete with tools-1200.00

    BAE dragster altered zoomies new 400.00

    MALLORY super mag 3 for 392 hemi fresh 895.00

    17" dragster wire wheels and ribbed tires -1200.00

    8-1/2 RCD blower snout 300.00

    Big Block chevy idler bracket and pulley -275.00

    Simpson driving suit 5-10 175 -SA-5 good for cackel car 275.00

    System 1 oil filter with frame mount -225.00 ea

    KB gear drive 275.00 -needs idler gear -

    crower.904 HEMI lifters 275.00 set

    Piston racks and covers 235.00

    (408)266-3324 Brendan check out more at WWW.RACECARPARTS.COM
    VISA /MASTERCARD /PAYPAL ups shipping everyday international never a problem!

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