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    Question, can adding any of these to a street car harm it ??
    Will it dry out the factory fuel lines or mess up the injectors ??
    I know we used to drain the system on the funny car and spray
    all with WD-40. As the methanol would leave a residue once it
    Will the ethanol/methanol/alcohol separate from the gasoline
    over time ?
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    How much alcohol are we talking about?

    Almost any gas you buy from a pump anywhere in the country is at least a 10% ethanol blend right now. I know when the ethanol blends first came out, lawn mower carbs would get gunked up and fuel filters didn't seem to last as long. Only thing I've heard in cars is a very slight drop in fuel mileage, but even then, no one will notice these days becuase you're probably using the ethanol blend without even knowing it. Go much higher than 10% and you will start having to fatten your fuel flow.

    I'm sure it would separate over time, but I'm sure it would take a similar amount of time to separate as it would for the gas to sludge.
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    you can increase the percentage of ethanol in your tank but if im not mistaken I think you need to convert your fuel system to an E85 system (ethanol 85%) this is largely due to the fact that the stock fuel lines, fuel injectors and fuel filter get clogged up as the gentleman above me stated that it seperates gasoline and doesnt atomize as good as gasoline does coming through the injectors so it creates somewhat of a paste...I'm not sure to go about doing it but i heard the kits are fairly reasonable and the conversion to Ethanol isnt too much higher than gasoline prices (last I checked.) Plus you get the added benefactor of a higher octane rating than pump gas so you can play around with alot of other stuff (compression ratios, forced induction etc etc all within reason.) I would definetly search for it on the internet and see if you can find anything....Hopefully I was somewhat of a help to you.

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