Aluminum vs titanium bellhousing

Discussion in 'PSI Superchargers Tech Questions' started by Soldierboy0098, Nov 5, 2019.

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    Hi I currently have an aluminum Pro bell can for a Lenco drive 2 speed screw blown pro mod and was wondering if there was a benefit to going to a more expensive Boninfonte Titanium unit. My car has the saddle spots for the trans as well. Will be running NMCA pro mod and am not sure if certification will be needed.

    Trevor Sherwood
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    My expirence is this. I ran a clutch my whole life in my car for 8 year with a trick bell. Them I switch to a aluminum bell cuz the change over from clutch was expensive. After a year I was eating bushings in the pump and when it went for Recert he told me it was bent?!? I never wrecked the car or shook it to death with the auto. But then he tells me that aluminum cans are good for about a year cuz they are soft to being with but when you start going rounds and it’s really hot. The can will move around. It’s a by product of aluminum. So this year I bought a ti can. I was over that. I zeroed the aluminum bell out and at the end of the season it was around .011 out. Every nut you loosened changed where it was out of round at. No more of that !!

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