A-Fulers run unrestricted at WAR

Discussion in 'Alcohol Racing News' started by Mike Husen, Feb 17, 2005.

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    :eek: For 2005 the World Alcohol Racers will not be restricting the A-Fulers and will allow them to run 100% Nitro. It is the goal of the World Alcohol Racers to split the two classes and run them separately, by 2006, and showcase the fuelers as the Kings of WAR. We will need two things to make this happen. First off we need high car counts, secondly we need a sponsor for this "PRO NITRO" class. We are currently working on sponsors to move in this direction. If we have enough participation in this class we will make it happen.

    Check out more info on our website www.worldalcoholracers.com

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