Open letter to all NHRA Top Alcohol racers regarding InsideTopAlcohol & Top Alkahaulin’ Race Coverage

First off, I hope this letter finds you and your families safe. I also hope your businesses and employment are weathering this crisis.

While the currently released schedule is certainly subject to change, I feel we all have something we can reasonably plan for. That said, I am trying to get a plan together on how to tackle the social media race coverage we have been doing along with continue the Top Alkahaulin’ reality show. With so many races being back to back, it is going to be a difficult proposition for everyone.

I certainly felt like we entered 2020 poised to grow our social media coverage and audience along with the Top Alkahaulin’ reality show. I feel we proved the concept in 2019 of both the coverage and the reality show, refining both along the way. Based on the feedback of you the racers and the companies in the industry, I made the decision to continue into 2020 based on that growth cycle.

Producing the Top Alkahaulin’ show is a tremendously time-consuming endeavor. I am not complaining. Just like learning to do the clutch, the first time takes you forever, and as you gradually learn it, you eventually can get it done quick. However, given the fact the 2020 national event season will not resume until early August at best, there is no way we could produce an episode for every race between August and Pomona (or wherever the season starts) 2021.

With that said, my plan is to produce an episode from the Ennis Regional next weekend. It will be more of a ‘tape delayed’ coverage of the race vs. our format of following a couple of teams through a weekend. Following that, it is our intention to produce episodes from Brainerd, Indy, Charlotte and Las Vegas. Those episodes will be condensed to following one team per episode vs. two. This will help cut down production time and based on feedback, some would rather have shorter episodes. (I...
InsideTopAlcohol's Will Hanna talked shop with EFI guru Shane Tecklenburg, comparing MFI and EFI in boosted drag racing applications. In part 2 of this multi-part series, they compare the tuning methods used by each type of injection. If you are familiar with one type of fuel injection, but not the other, we hope this talk can help you better understand how both types of injection reach the same goal - maximum horsepower and performance.