Sportsman Finals to appear on some pro shows!

Discussion in 'Pit Buzz' started by Will Hanna, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Just saw Lewis Bloom tweeted yesterday that Fox Sports will be airing some sportsman finals from some shows.

    1. This is great! This hasn't happened since the live Diamond P days of the 90's.
    2. This elevates the stature of the entire sportsman program and shows there is some 'meat' in the promise that NHRA is wanting to improve sportsman racing. More racing and less 'filler' material for the downtime will make for a better live show.
    3. It's great to see we have a huge sportsman fan in Lewis Bloom in our corner with FS1.
    4. Before you say "yeah but who watches Fox Sports 1" FS1 actually kicked ESPN2's ass in Neilsen Ratings for the last half of 15. Especially in prime time. I think Fox sees drag racing viewers as an asset because it gets a bunch of new eyeballs aware and used to viewing FS1. They will be cross promoting this much more than ESPN ever did. ESPN kind of had the attitude of we 'let' you pay us to show your show on our network. For years there wasn't a viable alternative, but now there are.

    We get so used to bad news, it's good to finally hear some good news!
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    Excellent .
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    They have been dipping their toe in it already. The Brainerd coverage had a bio on Lynsi Torres T/S driver & In&Out Burger owner. Then they showed the T/S final. Overall Fox has done a much better job pushing the sport in general, as well as integrating technology to help the newbies understand what is going on, while providing branding airtime to sponsors.

    I wish In&Out was on the east coast...

    Chris Saulnier - Team Tigges
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