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    So I have an interesting thing happen . I have used brad penn 70wt with brad motor and Titan pump. Motor normally has around 90-100 psi idling and 150ish at top of gear. I switched to redline 60 wt and after one pass the oil psi was around 30 psi idling and 90-100 at gear change. Only ran it 3 times and checked bearings afterward and they looked amazing. However the oil psi is a very real concern. Yes I have restrictors and yes the pump is turned up. Am I the only one seeing this?
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    yeah we find about the same but you need to look at it this way oil volume is of greater imprtance than oil presure the redline is thinner but it is a tougher oil it wont break down like others do im never scared of low oli presure on a run as long as its above 80 you wont get damage on a well built motor, there are so many old wives tails in drag racing,
    i was once told bu a touring pro from ihra pro mod and one of the top runners to change rods at 6 theory is that if they will only last 6 runs there fucked when they go in, same with the oil if you need 140 plus to hold the motor together then the motors fucked,

    we actuly are testing a twin turbo BAE/NRE hemi pro mod it has oil feeds to turbos heads for the valve gear, ect ect we are using red line oil, we often stage at 40 psi and run about 80/90 down the track and this is with a real multi stage dry sump pump and a real dry sump tank for positive oil controll, we never touched 1 bearing in the turbo motor a year of testing and its on the same bearings still, yet i regulary hear on here and other sites that if it aint got 120 at the line they kill the motor ect.....all old wives tails...
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