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    Nov 26, 2006
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    What is the difference between screw blower PSI ¨C¨ and ¨D¨

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    Volume of air per revolution... and i believe the "C" rotor case it a tiny bit taller
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    Basically, here are the numbers of what the actual difference is. The PSI 206D displaces 10.8 liters of air per revolution. While the 206C displaces about 11.2 liters per revolution. The "C" rotor makes roughly between 7-10lbs of boost more at the same overdrive as the D rotor does, throughout the rpm range.

    Also, the PSI is way more linear to RPM than a roots blower is. Its crazy how it builds boost and power ALL the way through a gear, unlike a roots where it spikes initially and tends to flatten out. The more you spin it, the more it makes. You just better have the fuel there to keep her happy :D

    If you have any other questions, get ahold of Lonnie Houde. PM me for his number. Hope this helps you.
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