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Discussion in 'Pit Buzz' started by Cal Bellamy, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I am sure the PSA and many alcohol racers realize there are limited membership capabilities for this organization, however there may be a solution! How about the PSA increase it's membership to include Comp, Super Stock and Stock Eliminator. These racers are experiencing the same identity problems the T/A racers have, poor media exposure and all the issues. Consider this, there is likely 40 times the racers in these categories that may join a organization that is able to improve their sponsors exposure and raise the profile of the racer's accomplishments. Further it may be possible you may discover more volunteers, photographers,writers and promoters wishing to improve fan count and racer count.
    I am aware this is a huge undertaking, however NHRA and other sanctioning bodies will pay more attention to the needs of a organization with 2000 plus members. Let's not forget the exciting Top Dragster and Top Sportsman group and the Super categories too. The memberships could add up real quick.Is it possible to have 5000 members? Unknown, but the PSA agenda would be altered to some extent, but the preservation and reinvention of sportsman racing is necessary.
    The PSA has made great strides improving the awareness of T/A. They have managed to organize quickly,connecting to media and the Drag Race Industries. Could more members enhance industry, media and new sponsors, I bet it would! Just my opinion.

    Cal Bellamy
    TAD 597
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    This is just me speaking, and not an official response of the PSA.

    That said, I don't think that's the direction the PSA needs to go. The PSA needs more members, but we need more alcohol racing members. We were formed to specifically promote our style of racing. Not to mention if we took on sportsman racers, the scope of what we would do would necessarily have to change to reflect the percentage of sportsman racers in our membership vs the alcohol racers. We couldn't take the sportsman racers money to promote our interests.

    That aside, we owe it to our membership to spend all the effort we can promoting our kind of racing.

    I'm confident we have a great membership package and benefits to offer racers this year. I think things are looking good for the PSA.
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    As a fan of most sportsman racing (not a big fan of the 8.90/9.90 classes) I support PSA by signing up for a fan membership. I look at it as an investment not only in TA, but also in sportsman racing in general. Making PSA as successful as possible will help positive benifits spill over into the othe classes as well.

    Chris Saulnier
    Mechanic Falls, Maine

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