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    Be sure to follow us on Twitter at or follow @InsideTopAlky

    We will post 'quick hit' type news items like results, 'Top Alcohol to the lanes' and other items that will keep you up to the minute. We're not going to stop our Facebook coverage, we're just adding this to what we're doing.

    You can also enable "push notifications" to get a notification on your phone when we tweet something like results or news items.

    Why Twitter? Twitter is better geared for "right now" type news updates. Facebook may decide to serve you one of our videos or updates a day or two after we post it. Twitter is the go to for people that want breaking news. Often times you can catch breaking news as a tweet from someone before it's a news story. There are quite a few people who are on Twitter, but not Facebook, so hopefully we can pick up some new 'followers' as we go.

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