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    0 has just completed a new software tuning system specifically designed for injected nitro racing engines. This brand new program will duplicate your Baseline “best HP” engine tune-up as the weather conditions change during the day, from day-to-day and from track-to-track.

    AFProRx is semi-custom software focussed on NHRA A/Fuel dragster tuners (or any other naturally aspirated injected nitro engine application). And like our more general purpose JetArea software, it takes into account the air cooling effects provided by the evaporation of the methanol inside the intake manifold to properly account for the actual engine inlet air density (all the details described in Chapter 15 of the MSA Weather Book).

    A complete description and demo version of this brand new A/Fuel ProRx software service is now available - just send me an email to get a free copy. More details about all the ProRx software series can also be found at the bottom of the page.

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