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    Hi guys looking for some advice here. 3100# Door car Blown Alky 565 BBC JE 11.5:1 pistons GRP 5500 rods 3.5 on rods 3.5 on mains 14/71 HH large opening top (15) with adapter to Bird with down nozzles 125 main flowed by Spud at FIE 990 pump with loop line lean out 7400 with .075 . Truck doesn't wanna rev runs mid to low 8s at 156 60 ft 1.19 off footbrake at idle (problems getting Grid functioning for launch controls tune is a little fat but responsive and made good power on dyno 1600+ flywheel 1430 wheel. doesn't seem to wanna rev properly and grid is not matching mechanical timing . Mag trigger 34 Crank trigger 34 Grid on reads 28 at crank but says 32 with 2 degrees retard and 34v max timing reference. also tach showing 7000 rpm set shift light at 7000 on tach shifting at 7000 on tach but grid DQI file reading 6300 at shift light comes back on near 1000 ft but trapped at 6700 not getting enough rpm to trigger lean out or get a good MPH any ideas. DQI pic attached

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