FOR SALE AT RBS SUPERCHARGERS: Used Mark VII Nitro Big Show Barrel Valve

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    Used Mark VII nitro barrel valve. This barrel valve starts off as a billet chunk of alum. and is masterfully machined into a great functioning part for your race car. There is one adjustment screw on the back of the barrel valve to make idle fuel system adjustments allowing simple changes without changing barrel valve linkage. That's right just twist the enrichment screw and make your adjustment and your done. Barrel valve is anodized and assm. includes fittings to be used with the barrel valve system. Mounts in standard injector locations using two 1/4" studs and uses standard barrel valve linkage. This barrel valve is capable of running large volumes of nitro and will handle over 100gpm systems with ease. RBS carries a full line of rebuild parts for the barrel valve as well. Barrel valve will include a linkage arm at time of sale. Inlet is two -10's, outlet is -12 and there are two -8 for returns. Barrel valve does include a new billet linkage arm and a new roll pin kit for the idle adjustment screw. For more pictures visit part number #7003-0055C $700.00.

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