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  1. kosky racing

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    May 11, 2003
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    Has anyone used ti.floaters and how did they work?
  2. rb0804

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    Aug 7, 2010
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    Does someone actually offer them? I looked into them awhile ago, they are super expensive. Initially my thinking was that titanium will warp less and likes to return to its original shape so with the floater would outlast that of a steel one by far. But, Titanium likes to gall, especially to itself. This could be an issue if you also have titanium stands. The other major issue is titanium doesn’t have major friction capabilities, it’s friction capability would be well below that of a “regular” ole steel floater. It would need a coating just to get it to work.

    In the end my take on it is it would be a huge learning curve, and anything that you gain from going to titanium would likely be offset by the variation in the coating. For example, this set might not have the friction capabilities as the last set, the coating might flake off, or worse some of the coatings (TMT comes to mind) when you smoke them they become like marbles and won’t lockup again until you grind em or replace the coating.
  3. Mike Canter

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    The problem would also be trying to resurface them.

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