First Blown Alky Build Need Advice

Discussion in 'System One Pit Buzz' started by John Jeffries, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Dec 21, 2017
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    Hi guys new to site Thanks for having me.
    Working on new racer for next season all tube S10 7.50 cert mild steel chassis . Have a short deck Big M based 565 that has 13: 1 pistons with 121 cc Dart Pro 1 345 heads ported to the max . Fresh 8/71 Blower Shop with 8mm pulleys for 20 percent overdrive and Erndle Bird catcher. Looking to make 1250=1500 Reliable HP that hopefully will last a season. If i put in thicker head gasket to drop compression quench is going to open up to about .050. Any suggestions ? also can a bore of 4.600 be fire ringed The Big M is a siamese bore not a lot of room between cylinders or will SCE gasket and ARP studs with the extra ones in valley seal at about 30:1 under boost? As i said first Alky build and any advice would be welcome Thanks

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