Duane Shields Win Big in Las Vegas at Home Track

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    Las Vegas - Duane Shields won the Dodge NHRA Nationals Presented by Pennzoil at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in front of his hometown fans. "It's been three and a half years since we won an NHRA national event. And this was the place to do it. Winning in front of my family and friends made the win even more special" Duane said. To top it off, Duane won the race in a brand new Chase Copeland dragster. "The crew worked tirelessly on the new car in order to have it ready in time for this weekend. Before the race we had no way to know how it would respond or knew its boundaries" Duane commented.

    Duane qualified 9th with a 5.29 and the car improved on every qualifying session. In round one, Duane knocked off Joshua Hart in a tight race with a stout 5.26 to Hart's 5.33.

    In round two, Duane had low ET of the round in a showdown with Joey Severance, who broke the national record in qualifying when he ran a 5.12 ET. As the cars left the starting line, Severance shook right at the hit and Duane had the car glued to the track and ran an impressive 5.23 at 273 MPH to take the win.

    In the semis, Duane raced Kim Parker who has been successful since switching to A/Fuel from a blown alcohol car. As the cars left the line it was Duane out first with a .052 to Parker's .096. It was a close side-by-side race all the way to the finish line. At the stripe it was Duane with a winning time of 5.27 at 270 MPH to Parker's close 5.30 at 270 MPH. Duane then advanced to his first final round in Las Vegas.

    In the finals, Duane raced Julie Nataas and like Duane was in the five twenty zone all through eliminations so it was a close match up. As the lights came down Nataas left the starting line -0.101 too soon. Duane thinking he was late left right behind Nataas while also leaving too quickly with a -.004 reaction time. After Duane completed his run he realized he had won. "I was thinking I had lost because I was late off the starting line and then I heard she had red lit and we won. I was shocked!"

    On Friday, the Shields team had their annual BBQ for fellow race teams in the Top Alcohol classes. "It was a great weekend. Friday night was a nice relaxing time and then two of my newest crew members got to experience their first national event win" Duane remarked after the trip to the Winners Circle.

    Duane would like to thank all his sponsors, PEAK, GRP, NGK Spark Plugs, BAE, Clean Boost for their support.

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