Duane Shields Loses a Close Battle in Charlotte

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    Duane Shields didn't have the weekend he was hoping for in spite of a nice qualifying effort. Duane qualified seventh with a 5.24 at 276 MPH and drew Shawn Cowie who had to stay alive in order to win the Championship.

    As the lights came down it was Cowie out first with a .026 to Duane's .058. It was a close race but at the top end of the track Duane's PEAK Dragster broke loose and headed close to the centerline which scrubbed some time off the run. Meanwhile, Cowie was on a straight pass and crossed the finish line first with a 5.29 at 277 MPH over Duane's close 5.31 at 272 MPH. "It seems like it's always the draw that gets us. Most of the match ups we could have won. Cowie had to find a way to win since he's in the hunt for the Championship. The car shook and moved around and you can either pedal or go along for the ride and risk hitting a cone. I chose to go along for the ride to try and win" Duane said.

    The team now moves to the west coast for the last three races of the year in Las Vegas and Pomona. "We have a new car we will be testing starting in Vegas. We are still counting points but we are solidly in the top ten so we'll see where we land" Duane said. Duane would like to thank his marketing partnersDuane would like to thank his marketing partners PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for their support.

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