CP-Carrillo enters nostalgia drag racing thru partnership with Jam-Air Motorsports

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    CP-Carrillo enters nostalgia drag racing thru partnership with Jam-Air Motorsports

    Today it was announced that CP-Carrillo is entering the world of nostalgia drag racing thru a partnership with the Jam-Air Motorsports Nostalgia Funny Car team. For nearly 50 years, the name Carrillo is synonymous with connecting rods. Carrillo has won more races in virtually every format of motorsports than any other rod manufacturer in the world. Now, the next chapter in the Carrillo legacy unfolds by venturing into nostalgia drag racing.

    “Last year we were plagued with a lot of different issues with our connecting rods” said Co-Owner and Driver Will Martin. “We reached out to the folks at CP-Carrillo after seeing the success they were having with teams like Terry McMillan, Eddie Knox, and Shane Westerfield. The idea was to see if they could help us with the problems that were plaguing us. Richard and the staff at Carrillo have helped us analyze every problem we were experiencing and have engineered solutions to those problems. It is our belief that we have come up with the ultimate connecting rod for the nostalgia fuel application”

    “What makes the new nostalgia rod unique is it is 100% machined from a C555 forging and not a plate” said CP-Carrillo Product Manager Richard Batchelor. “Each rod is laser marked, both on the rod cap and beam from CP, to ensure components never get swapped. Plus the pin ends are roller burnished for added durability. This all coupled with a fastener developed for us by A-1 Technologies give us a great package to offer to racers who are looking for the ultimate in reliability and performance”.

    “We are excited to work with Will Martin and the Jam-Air Motorsports team” said Cindy Verkooij, Marketing Manager for CP-Carrillo.” The Jam-Air Motorsports team is a past proven champion with a lot of success in any class they have raced in. We believe there experience coupled with the new nostalgia fuel rod we have worked with them to develop will play a key role in getting them be back to the winner circle in no time at all.”

    The Jam-Air Motorsports team will debut the CP-Carrillo rod in pre season testing in February under the watchful eye of Crew Chief Chris Nance.

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    my name is darryl...from "darryl smith race cars.com"
    i had eddie knox's ph number, (& lost it in my old ph) as he was interested in some extra, "new Ti valves" for AJPE V heads.
    I did a search on ITA an ended up finding this post. I think I may wanna sell some of my stuff to eddie knox if i can find a way to reach him.
    Any chance u could help me get in touch with Eddie?
    my company name above will take him to my website with ph #. my handle here is 1320metalman.
    Anyway i was hoping to find eddie to see if he would still want to buy some of my parts.
    If u cant help..im sorry to have bothered you.

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