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Discussion in 'Pit Buzz' started by Flight 590, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    Looking for little guidance on a blown 540 combination - KB600, conventional BBC Oddy's Dart 400 cylinder heads, 1471 Littlefiled, 11.5 static, 1.7 rocker ratio.

    This short block was assembled at KB in 2007, with a Crower custom supercharger grind with 278 / 278 @.050 duration and .714 lift on 114 lobe separation, .904 lifter and 1.70 rocker ratio. I am not privy to the reasons behind this original custom grind spec. The engine has never been fired.

    All of the reading I have done on this site points to a standard cam spec near 285-290 duration @.050 and .785 -.795 lift. for blown alky combinations. I realize that is a very general statement.

    Engine is completely disassembled. So question is , do I use the original Crower cam spec'd in 2007 or does it make sense to upgrade while the engine is apart.

    Dragster / powerglide application.

    Thank you.
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    call Bullet cams and have them grind one for you. they did the one in my pro charged combo. have been 6.13 @ 226
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    Call John at ERSON 1-800-879-1325 If u need good guy price on it let me no part number he gives you.

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