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Discussion in 'Pit Buzz' started by Gizmo, Jul 14, 2011.

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    There was a meeting of the minds in Joliet regarding the alcohol classes across the board. The concern being low car counts and high costs of operation both to the tracks and the racers. While nothing is concrete; it is very clear Div. 4 stated they have no interest in having the cars at their tracks. Also brought up was the erroneous charges from PSI for a recert(put a sticker on a piece of metal); why shouldn't that cost $1800? NHRA (names withheld) said they are willing to file a petition on behalf of the racers regarding the costs of service, quality control, and slow turnaround times. This oddly comes at the same time PSI is cold-calling customers offering 140 more hp for $2500.00. This is supposedly a "guaranteed" hp number, I'm sure they'll give you your money back if the car doesn't pick up e.t./mph. For a sportsman class struggling with low car counts, I think it's high-time NHRA stepped in and regulated a thing or two.

    Steve L.
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    Man, I'm glad that someone else brought up this cert charge. NHRA made this monster by only allowing one manufacturer in for the screw charger. They pushed out Whipple and the specs were written to discourage anyone else from trying to enter the game. When one company gets the monopoly and has no competition, this is what happens. It’s been proven time and time again through history.

    Tom Dwyer
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    Maybe its time to drop the recerts on PSI blowers. Since they went to billet rotors, has any exploded? Leave the bags and restraints on them, but like the roots I dont think
    they need a SFI tag.

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    The statement was made "it is very clear Div. 4 stated they have no interest in having the cars at their tracks". Why do think Div 4 does not want alcohol cars? Seems to me that TA brings the fans. You can't support a track without fans. The thing I notice most in OKC is that there is no advertising prior to the Noble event. No one but drivers, crews, and friends of drivers even know there is a major event about to happen. I don't have an answer for what to do to get attendance at events, but it looks to me like if something doesn't change, there won't be any one there.
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    See Alan Reinhart's column in the back of the National Dragster, July 8, 2011, issue 24,volume 52

    " I think coaching has a lot to do with success, and some of the teams have different philosphies. For instance, a couple of years back Division 4 won the title, and their director, Craig Hutchinson, wasnt even there. I think there should have been some kind of penalty for the coach not making it to the event, but the more I think about it, if Craig was my coach, I might leave him at home, too."

    Says alot in a short space, and earned alot of respect from me, to Mr. Reinhart.
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    Special Meeting ???

    According to NHRA, this was not a special meeting called to discuss the demise of the Alky classes. This was a regular Division Director's meeting, where declining car counts in the Alky classes (along with other matters) was discussed. It was noted that all class counts are down, but it is more noticable in the alky ranks, since we were already a smaller group than the other Lucas Oil classes.
    This is a serious subject, that if not corrected will probably result in smaller (8 car) fields at Nationals or less events where Alky cars are contested. We as the Alky racers better help come up with some answers, because ultamitely we are the ones who will suffer the consequences.
    If I were in a division where the Division Director (who gets paid for a living to represent and promote all NHRA sportsman classes) isn't working for the alky racers, I would be very upset and demand better representation.
    Personally I have been please with the Division 3 LODRS events so far this year, as they all have done alittle advertising. So far it appears to have paid off with good crowds. (Joliet had trouble keeping enough beer hauled to the concession stands. )
    If you can get away the Brainerd weekend, it looks like a guaranteed $1700 to show up. I wish I could get there.

    Marty Thacker

    PS. Will has provided a great place to communicate here on ITA. Let's us it for a discussion of constructive ideas to help the class. BTW, I have alread told the suits that the #1 way to help would be larger purses to help with the larger expenses of racing. Didn't get a warm, fuzzy feeling that they were going to throw more cash at us any time this summer.
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    I agree on all points with Marty, we must find a way to get more cars to the track. We ran IHRA Pro Top Outlaws years before we ran TA, same sort of thing happened there. You had a handful of guys who could show up every race and throw tons of $$$ at it and win. After that happens so many times, the under-funded cars stop showing up, then the mid-pack cars stop showing up...then the class is cancelled. While I don't think it'll ever get cancelled in NHRA (cough PST)...I don't think any of us want 5 nationals a year and 12 divisionals spread across the country...or whatever would be concocted. Obviously the biggest problem is cost, nothing has gotten cheaper and attrition rates are higher with higher o.d. vs. 15 years ago etc.. We should all get some ideas together, I know Cody P. touched on something similar in a prior forum discussion, but we need to present something to NHRA...the sooner the better (Brainerd?). I've spoken with a few competitors with varying ranges of finances and the one thing I've heard is limit blocks. You get one motor once eliminations start and (also one for qualifying). if you cannot fix that motor (block) to compete in either qualifying or elim you are done. My dad and I work very hard, as do others in the class...and this isn't about penalizing the well funded teams...this is about keeping this class afloat and drawing more cars out. If team x knew they could show up and not have to beat their shit to death to get $1700 then they'd be more likely to show presumably. Either way it benefits competitors currently competing, those sitting out, and those considering entering this class. If someone wants to get some ideas going, I can draft a petition/form and present it at Columbus, Cordova, and Brainerd. Proactive is the solution here, lets get the ball rolling.

    Brandon Booher
    NHRA TAD #34

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