275" Top dragster/Outlaw roller, KB Hemi and Lenco 3 spd w/ clutch

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    Perfect 6.1 second starter Top Dragster for sale cheap, will sell as roller, roller plus, or Turn Key, I will make package deals on multiple items. I Will separate engine and/or trans. As with all older dragsters it is a narrow lay back style and would be perfect for a skinny person looking to move up to Top dragster or run outlaw events.

    Chassis is 272 or 275 in wb and is in Great condition, there is no paint on the chassis so no hidden cracks or damage. Only 1 season on it as far as I can track down. I was told it is a Uyehara and it it very well designed. There is only a Sema tag on it. First ran in 1987 and not run again until 2006. Owned by the late Stan Berry out of California. It was updated in 2006 with a new body painted reddish Burgundy metallic, New Wing stand, New Wing, Chassis updates, and a new clutch to make it Top alcohol legal at the time. The old wing stand is included as well. It had a few test hits made in 06 and was freshened before the owner passed away. It was then garage kept indoors for 12 years and I just bought the car for the blower and trailer that came with it so it needs to go as I run a pro mod.

    -Low run count, Updated in 2006
    -Hemi plates
    -Fits Lenco 3 spd w/ clutch
    -9" Floater rear, 4.56 gears
    -Beadlocks w/ 15 pass old Hoosiers just mounted.
    -TAD legal wing stand
    -Warm up stand and clutch hold down included
    $5,000 for the roller, needs only front tires, a windshield, and a small cheap motorcycle battery to run.

    Fresh blown alcohol 440 cid Keith Black all aluminum hemi with billet heads 2.40/1.90. Crower crank finished by Velasco, new Manley/Howards rods, Arias pistons, tool steel pushrods, springs and valves are new. Mallary mag upgraded by Don Zig. Spares include 8 rods, Cam, 9 pairs of lifters, approx 2 sets worth of pushrods, 3 or 4 rocker arms, about 5 valve springs, retainers, rings, wrist pin, buttons, 3 coils, 2 mag drives. There is also a windage tray, restraint brackets, blower pulleys, Hillborn Fuel pump, a spark plug tool, and old removable starter are included. All block repairs were done at KB and it is ready to go, heads appear to be virgin.

    $15,000 for the complete engine with dragster headers less blower and hat setup. Cheapest way to get into a hemi and will run 6.10's in the 1/4 with an inexpensive blower and hat. I can help the owner find a blower and hat if needed.

    Lenco CS-1 3 spd 2.07 first, 1.44 second. Crower 10" pedal Clutch, 2 steel cans, a box of 7 new clutch disks, Blanket, spare throw out fork, lots of clutch weights, and spare input shaft are included.
    $5,000 for the trans setup.
    $23,000 package deal for all.
    You will not find one that can run these numbers or be in this good of shape cheaper.

    I can sell this car rolling, rolling with motor or trans, turn key less blower/Hat or turn key. Call, message, or text me for details and I can work with the buyer to make it how you want. The car is currently complete less blower and hat.

    Trevor Sherwood
    727-3Six4-43Six8 (Keeps the scammers away)

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