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    Top Alcohol Dragster vs. Top Alcohol FunnyCar Race
    The Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association and Mopac Auto Supply are proud to be hosting our 3rd annual TAD vs. TAFC Race on June 29, 30 and July 1. All TAD and TAFC are welcome. Testing Friday, Qualifying, Saturday and Eliminations on Sunday. The Payout structure is in Canadian Dollars.
    Winner $5500.00
    Runner up $3500.00
    Semi $2250.00
    2nd rd loss $1250.00
    First round loss= $500.00
    Low et. = $500.00 for dragster and $500.00 for Funnycar
    First car to run a five second et $500.00 for FC and $500.00 for Dragster
    As an added bonus Sonic Oilfield will be supplying 400L of Methanol per Race Team if you bring your own barrels.
    The Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association is a 100% non-profit volunteer owned and operated track that has the heart and soul of the Southern Alberta racers built into it. The Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association was NHRA Division 6 Most Improved Track in 2005 and the Track of the year in 2004. This year we have made many more improvements. The pit area has been expanded to add 75 000sqft of Feature and Large vehicle parking, The concrete in the burnout boxes has been replaced, A section of concrete that had a bump in it was replaced in the right lane, Cement guardrail was installed 1320 ft past the finish line, The timing and computer system received a major upgrade, and last but not least we have arranged for the track profiler to work on the track and barring any unforeseen problems this will be done before the race.
    Any questions please call 403 952 9187 or email or
    Clint Rabb

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