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    Guy Kelly Press release

    Courtesy D. Murdoch, SpeedZone Magazine

    Feb. 22, 2005

    The ‘Boyz from Bama’ have redemption on their mind this weekend when they hit the track at Gainesville Florida. After dominating the field at Bradenton three weeks ago, only to lose with a red light in the final round to Artie Allen, Guy knows he can’t let chances like that fall by the wayside again. Guy had this to say after Bradenton, “when you have the best car on the property, you have to take advantage of your opportunity. It is not very often in this sport that you can compete and say, “we had the best car period”! But to walk away without the win, that leaves a bad feeling in your gut. This class is so competitive, that there are usually five or six cars at a divisional that can come out with a win. The first race was not like that, we were on our game and the rest of the cars for whatever reason struggled a bit.
    “The thing is I did not do anything differentand knew I had a performance advantage in the final round (Where Guy inexplicably red lit). I just let one get away”.

    This weekend at Gainesville, the team not only wants to get back in the win column; they want to win the only Division 2 event they did not win in 2004.
    It will be a tougher test this weekend in Gainesville than three weeks ago in Bradenton, as more hitters are expected to compete, and the ones that struggled three weeks ago will have their act together.
    You can expect to see a number of cars run 5.30’s and 5.40’s this weekend, It will be a good test and good tune-up for the National here in two weeks. Every race is important, nationally or divisionally, as you walk away 85 points for the win at either. Crew chief Ronnie Swearingen and clutch Specialist Denny Savage are both very familiar with the Gainesville facility, as Ronnie runs the Hawley Drag Racing School there and Denny works for Hawley as well.

    Kelly Racing stats:
    Won Division 2 TAD title in 2004
    Won five divisional events in 2004
    Finished #9 nationally in 2004
    Best ET/MPH: 5.341 / 266.70

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