Danny Townsend Update 10-12-06

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    Danny Townsend Update

    Milford, Michigan. Danny Townsend was released from the University of Ohio Medical Center October 10, eight days ahead of schedule. He is now resting at home, in Muncie, Indiana. Other than being a little stiff and sore, he is doing very well.

    Danny’s recovery from the September 24, crash of the VIPsports.com Top Alcohol Funny Car progressed much faster than expected – an excellent indication that there will be no ill effects from his head injury. In Muncie, Danny is resuming his normal activities, but will continue physical and occupational therapy, as an outpatient, one to two days a week. It is expected he will be able to return to work by mid-November. He and Frank Parker are already discussing ideas for the 2007 NHRA race season.

    Danny thanks his many friends and fans for all the “get well” wishes while he was hospitalized. He is especially grateful to Dan and Cindy Parker, who remained with him, in Columbus, during his entire hospital stay, and fellow TAFC racers, Chuck and Joyce Cheeseman, who visited him daily. Special thanks also go to the many racers and crew people who helped the ParkerTech team at the track and in the pits.

    To view photos of the VIP car in action, and to ask questions of Frank Parker, visit www.vip.com/sports/.

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