2007 Top Alcohol Race Planner

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    2007 Top Alcohol Race Planner

    Feb. 8-11
    NHRA CARQUEST Auto Parts Winternationals, Pomona, Calif.

    Feb. 16-18
    NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Bradenton, Fla.
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Houston, Texas

    Feb. 23-25
    NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Gainesville, Fla.

    Mar. 2-4
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Belle Rose, La.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Phoenix, Ariz.

    Mar. 9-11
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Tucson, Ariz.

    Mar. 15-18
    NHRA ACDelco Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla.

    Mar. 23-25
    IHRA Amalie Oil Texas Nationals, San Antonio, Texas
    NHRA Div 4 LODRS, Memphis, Tenn.

    Mar. 30-Apr. 1
    NHRA O'Reilly Spring Nationals, Houston, Texas

    Apr. 12-15
    NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals, Las Vegas
    NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Valdosta, Ga.
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Indianapolis, Ind.
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Dallas, Texas

    Apr. 20-22
    IHRA Spring Nationals, Rockingham, N.C.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Las Vegas, Nev.

    Apr. 26-29
    NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Southern Nationals, Atlanta, Ga.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Great Bend, Kan.

    May 4-6
    NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Dinwiddie, Va.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Fontana, Calif.

    May 18-20
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Norwalk, Ohio
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Rusk, Texas

    May 25-27
    IHRA Skull Shine Sooner Nationals, Tulsa, Okla.
    NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Maple Grove, Pa.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Brainerd, Minn.
    NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Mission, B.C.

    June 1-3
    NHRA O'Reilly Summer Nationals, Topeka, Kan.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Fallon, Nev.

    June 7-10
    NHRA Nationals, Chicago, Ill.

    June 15-17
    IHRA World Nationals, Mansfield, Ohio
    NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Atco, N.J.
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Chicago, Ill.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Denver, Colo.
    NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Seattle, Wash.

    June 21-24
    NHRA SuperNationals, Englishtown, N.J.

    June 28-Jul. 1
    NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals, Norwalk, Ohio
    NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Eagle Point, Ore.

    July 6-8
    IHRA CARS RV & Marine & Motorsports Rocky Mountain Nationals, Edmonton, Alb.
    NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, West Lebanon, N.Y.
    NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Woodburn, Ore.

    July 13-15
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Madison, Ill.

    July 20-22
    NHRA Schuck's Auto Supply Nationals, Seattle, Wash.
    IHRA Canadian Nationals, Grand Bend, Ont.

    July 27-29
    NHRA Fram Autolite Nationalss, Sonoma, Calif.
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Columbus, Ohio

    Aug. 3-4
    IHRA Torco Racing Fuels Northern Nationals, Martin, Mich.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Cordova, Ill.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Sonoma, Calif.

    Aug. 9-12
    NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals, Brainerd, Minn.
    IHRA North American Nationals, Epping, N.H.

    Aug. 16-19
    NHRA Toyo Tires Nationals, Reading, Pa.
    NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Acton, Mont.

    Aug. 24-26
    IHRA Suzuki Motor City Nationals, Milan, Mich.
    NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Bowling Green, Ky.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Topeka, Kan.

    Aug. 29-Sept. 3
    NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, Indianapolis, In.

    Sept. 7-9
    IHRA Canadian Nationals, Toronto, Ont.
    NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Englishtown, N.J.
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Shreveport, La.
    NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Earlville, Ia.
    NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Bakersfield, Calif.

    Sept. 20-23
    NHRA O'Reilly Fall Nationals, Dallas, Texas

    Sept. 28-30
    IHRA Torco Race Fuels President's Cup Nationals, Budds Creek, Md.
    NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Atlanta, Ga.

    Oct. 12-14
    NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Noble, Ok.

    Oct. 19-21
    IHRA World Finals, Rockingham, N.C.
    NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Reynolds, Ga.

    Nov. 1-4
    NHRA Automobile Club of Southern California Finals, Pomona, Calif.

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