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Sep 27, 2021
Mar 12, 2007
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Sep 27, 2021
    1. skynard
      would like price on rocker assembly
    2. kosky racing
      kosky racing
      Got any RCD offset degree rings for alky not psi
      1. Nitrolink
        Thank you for the message. Nothing right now. Maybe in the next couple weeks. If anything comes up, I will definitely keep you posted.
        Thanks again,
        Dec 27, 2017
    3. skynard
      how much for stacker
    4. LOTSOHP
      Hi Brandon. I am in need of 2 possibly 3 USM's the 4 channel Universal sensor modules that convert 4 hardwired 0-5v sensors into the v-net cable. I also need a analog pressure box for fuel press, oil press, pan vac, manifold vac/press. Thanks!
    5. atlas
      How much for rear end plates in group 23 ?
    6. shanedavison.
      Hi Brandon/Nitrolink just messaging about the weld front funny car wheels you have for sale and am wondering where about's you are located with them ie; in California or where about. Just so i can see if viable for freight to Australia. Please feel free to reply or email me at
      Thank you
    7. Jackflash65
      Hi Brandon, do you have any of the silver Simpson chute packs? Please email me at thanks
    8. kosky racing
      kosky racing
      Got any studs for Brad short deck 1/2-9/16--------1/2 -1/2---for newer style block short
      1. Nitrolink
        Thank you for the message... Nothing right now on those size studs... I can keep a lookout for a set. and keep you posted if I come across anything.
        All the best,
        Feb 3, 2017
    9. kosky racing
      kosky racing
      do you have any ti nozzle bodies or maybe stainless?
    10. racecar1517
      Hello how much for the msd spark plug terminals and I'm looking for a set of gears 9.5" 4.11 thanks
      1. Nitrolink
        Thank you for the message... The MSD Plug Terminals have been sold... Thanks, Nitrolink
        Dec 23, 2015
    11. 40slammer
      Hi Brandon,
      You advertiseed a 69 Camaro Nitro funnycar couple years back. Can you tell if its racing and do you know of any quality Nostalgia funny cars for sale .
      I will be at Bakersfield in October to help the Leahys from Australia who will be racing also.
      Thanks Darryl.
    12. KBuz
      Hey Brandon,
      Hope you're having a good offseason and the holidays treated you well. We are still looking for a set of front wheels for the dragster. Would prefer a set of American Racing/Weld "Qualifiers" (10-Spoke) in chrome. Open to other styles as well but would like chrome. Do you have anything or could possibly help us out getting something lined up? Let me know what you have or can do! Thanks a bunch!
      Kenny B.
    13. TonyB
      Hi Brandon do you still have a set of 15.3 wheels 5.5" pcd and no more than 4" back space. We are trying to step up to Funny car here in uK and keep hitting a wall. Now my new holeshot wheels are no good as 15.1.
      Many thanks,
      email -
      Website -
    14. rona
      Hi Brandon Ron Atholwood from Australia here, I got some stage 5 rockers from you a couple of years ago. Will you take $250 for the 18 inch long isp padding I think it is the first one on the list. Also have a look at my website and if you want i would be happy to give you free membership to sell your parts to us aussies.

    15. Rich110A/F
      Are you selling any AJ A/F heads from the Lucas car interested in 2 sets. Also a price on a racepak II complete setup. Thanks Rich McPhillips Jr
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