jody stroud
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Jan 9, 2023
Sep 3, 2007
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Chesterfield S.C.
contractor and father

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jody stroud

ZOMBIE Top Dragster, Male, from Chesterfield S.C.

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Jan 9, 2023
    1. hines
      did you ever try the 18-71
    2. Full Tilt
      Full Tilt
      hey jody, im new to the hemi world. looking for some info on flex plate , starter recomondations. could i have a phone number and a good time to call you. blain/full tilt/ 1902 304 9168
      1. jody stroud
        jody stroud
        843-921-8653. 7:30 am till 5:30 pm EST. Monday through Friday
        Feb 6, 2018
    3. craigwilcox
      Sorry Jody, hit the wrong "return to sender " button!

    4. craigwilcox
      I first used an MSD 10 with a crank trigger. Not enough........ umph.
      Went to a 44 mag, removed the crank trigger, took out my Tilton and installed a Green Monster / Mean Green, something like that, battery from Mike Dunn in Texas.
      Block mounted etc. works great.
      This battery was designed for the monster trucks with a blown alcohol assy.
      Unless you have a 360 degree wheel, I'd keep that portion of the crank setup, for timing etc.
      I'm 11.84 static compression with a roots, sometimes @ 54# of boost. Big Chiefs etc.
    5. jody stroud
      jody stroud
      Death smiles at everyone............... PARATROOPERS smile back!
    6. clint thompson
      clint thompson

      Hey heard from Bob Miner you were still in the market for an engine. he is building me a new one right now. I have one for sale, with late model heads. I will freshen it with new GRP rods, pistons, rings, bearings. The heads are fresh back from bob, the crank has 6 runs on it, and I will get the new oil pump and dragster pan and oil lines you need for the wet sump deal from miner. Completely assembled fresh ready to run, shipped to your door for 29,000.
      Clint Thompson
    7. jody stroud
      jody stroud
      Price seems right....but not to keen on mag. blower cases. They are light but not as strong as alum.
    8. caseyspradlin
      is this a good deal?

      I have a 14-71 Littlefield Blower with 5 runs on it. All fresh strips and ready to go!!! Has Kobelco K-11 Hi-Helix rotors, Magnesium case that is slightly modified. This Blower has and will make 51lbs of boost. Comes with snout, the puller for the rotors for restripping, and some Teflon strips(White and Black). Great Blower!!! Hate to sell, but have the new blower on the way!!!
      $3500.00 obo for it all, plus the ride!!! Needs to go!!!
    9. jody stroud
      jody stroud
      20/50 racing valvoline in the spring and fall... straight 50 racing valvoline in the summer
    10. caseyspradlin
      what weight oil do you use in engine? i've been running Lucas plus 20/50
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    Chesterfield S.C.
    contractor and father
    Jody Stroud
    3.61 in the 1/8 th with a roots blown mbr Hemingway in a dragster
    Former Sgt. in the 82nd ABN Served in operation Just Cause and the first desert storm

    Racing........duh, and firearms


    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ........
    Except Paratroopers........ We'll kill you and sing songs about it......