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  1. TOL
    TOL Soldierboy0098
    PICS of A980.
  2. PMP
    PMP jdm
    I'm looking for a RCD dry sump pump. How many do you have?
  3. Keith Black RacingEngines
    Keith Black RacingEngines
    Thanks for letting us join!
  4. James beadling
    James beadling Larc
    give me a call mite have one 2164020964 thanks jim.
  5. gordon tarbell
    gordon tarbell TOL
    Contact Bob Szabo at Air Density Online. He has a weather based tuning program that will help get your feet wet in the arena of tuning to the changes in weather . He is very helpful
  6. T-Wrecks
    T-Wrecks KZ5 Blown SBC
    I as well would like pictures of the heads and stuff to 3154542258
  7. T-Wrecks
    T-Wrecks mrk818
    You have a set of solid BBC heads for sale?
  8. Casey Grisel
    Casey Grisel nate4027
    Hey Nate,

    Jerry Darien has that style oil pan that your'e looking for. We ran it on a nostalgia A/fuel car. Want me to get some pictures of it to you?

    Casey Grisel
  9. John byob
    John byob Alkydrag
    Hi have some questions t ask u if ur not too busy thx email me at
  10. Leeza Diehl
  11. hines
    hines jody stroud
    did you ever try the 18-71
  12. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    Hey Will when will the news editor Finally say something about Cowies chances may finally happen- And I am still not been promoted from Comp. elim. This site has fallen behind big time-
  13. kosky racing
    kosky racing News Editor
    When will something new come to this news editor section- like cowie has finally got his chance at the championship?
  14. Fliptop70
    Fliptop70 thepuller
    Hi sir, this is a long shot but I am in the market for a few sets of Dart 96 fuel heads and I say you had a set
    For sale a couple years back. Was wondering if you still had them?

    Thanks Rob
  15. vwsamba
    vwsamba Allen Meyer
    Hi. I'd like to buy the DJ oil pump cover. Let me total to CA 90301 and payment info. Thanks
  16. Ray Hadford
    Ray Hadford Dirty Deeds
    Hello Neil

    Please send my your e-mail address .... you are 19 hours ahead of us.

  17. DCobeen
    DCobeen fed6851
    Would you ext me the price please. 808-987-1986 DCobeen
  18. Tony B.
    Tony B.
    Raced TAD dragster between 1985 - 1988. TF between 1989 - 1995.
  19. Tony B.
    Tony B.
    Running an A-Fuel Dragster in European FIA Championship from 2021 >
  20. Templar Motorsports