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  1. Ken Wass
    Ken Wass
    member of CAPE CODDER RACING
  2. Frank Schuster
    Frank Schuster Will Hanna
    Will, I'm having a problem posting an ad for a fire suit on the Facebook page. I posted it 2 weeks ago and kept getting a pending review message. I deleted it and tried again but still getting the pending review message. How do I fix this? The ad is under my wife's Facebook account- Debra Schuster
    Let me know. thanks. Frank Schuster 609-456-8652.
  3. jeffj
    jeffj John Evanchuk
    John, I have a 25/25 CS2 plus another 25 gear set and spare front and intermediate cases and some end covers and outputs I think. I would trade your 1.48 for one of my 1.25s straight across. Just thinking that might be easier to sell for you and the 1.48 would offer more ratio for me. Jeff Johnsen 778 245 2101
  4. John byob
    John byob hydrotherapy
    Text me 1 431 788 2840 with specs and condition
  5. Jason007
    B and J Auto ,
    1. Jason007
      Can some please give me some info on the B and J auto and the sequence when using the trans break. Do I need the trans break when selecting drive and reverse ?
      Aug 26, 2023
  6. backmotor
    Landed BIG Primary Sponsor for 2024 & 2025 !!
  7. gordon tarbell
    gordon tarbell rpmmachineco
    what state are you in , does RPM machine so have a website? Spud miller is up in Oregon and has good info on small % Nitro combos
  8. kosky racing
    kosky racing 57chevyfc
    gear set for Lenco available 34% cs-2 fine spline
  9. roadshow
    roadshow Glenn Bell
    Yes, still available
    Bill Anderson
  10. h2b puller
    h2b puller kylewurtzel
    hello Kyle
    I"m looking for a roots 11,5 or 12" psi blower snout with coupler and shaft. in good shape/
    Do you have or know one for sale? psi do not make these anymore soon.

    Aart Evers
  11. Dnlyotx
    Dnlyotx Will Hanna
    I have a email from you about something I was looking for my email is I tried replying but did not seem to work
  12. Leeza Diehl
  13. John byob
    John byob jeffj
    Jeff whatcha neededing for ur old water block? And what condition is it? Thx
  14. Greco400
    Greco400 rb0804
    Was curious is you ever got the msd pro600 working with the command module and how did it end up working?!
    If you don’t mind you can give me a call 724-322-6493 or shoot me a email thank you!
  15. Chuck466
  16. John byob
    John byob Dale H.
    Dale still need a pan thx
  17. Bob69
    Run a small blower depending on fuel. 900 hp is still hard to make depending on heads.
  18. bossman
    bossman Paul Noakes
    Paul do you have any CS1 fine spline ratios for sale??
    1. Paul Noakes
      Paul Noakes
      yes i do
      Oct 23, 2022
  19. John byob
    John byob Bob69
    Hemi fr a alteted was thinking a blower on it but some say 900 is the limit of hp and smallest stroke
  20. John byob
    John byob WIDEOPEN231
    Hey Chris get ahold of me Rob Stephien I sent u a pm on ir Facebook messenger, u have me on ur friends list already but I am in Facebook jail ha ha cool thx