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Discussion in 'Pit Buzz' started by Nancy Matter, Oct 5, 2016.

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    They announced today a confirmed 7 race 2017 Season with an 8th race in the works. They are having An Alcohol Funny Car Class and an Alcohol Dragster class. Both will be NHRA Rules to 1000 ft racing.

    It will be considered a Pro Class with Payout the same as NHRA National Event Payout.

    The races are as follows:

    St Louis Nov 4 & 5 this year

    March 10-11 ADRL Sunshine Drags Track TBA
    April 8-9 ADRL Spring Drags Rockingham Dragway
    May 19-20 ADRL Dragpalooza Royal Purple Raceway
    June 2-3 ADRL Gateway Drags Gateway Motorsports Park
    June 30-July 1 ADRL Summer Drags US 131 Motorsports Park
    September 8-9 ADRL U.S. Drags Track TBA
    October 6-7 ADRL Memphis Drags Memphis Int'l Raceway
    November 3-4 ADRL Dragstock XII Gateway Motorsports Park

    If 12 cars or less, 8 car fields, 13 Plus - 16 Car Fields

    They are making good on all the past to make a better future for Racing.

    Make it a great day everyone!!!

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    This race is close to home for me, but I can't afford to race for that purse. We have been griping at NHRA for years about their purses not being high enough, but this ADRL purse is about 1/3rd of theirs.
    NHRA pays out $33,600 for a 16 car field. Most get free entry with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Card. There is also a few contingencies for the winner and runner up, and point funds.
    ADRL is offering a $12,200 purse for a 16 car field, and that is after everyone pays $400 + for entry and passes (20 teams, with 5 total people would equal $9,000). No Points fund has been announced.
    How could continue to tell NHRA that we're underpaid if I accept less for the same.
    I am always glad to see them get competition, and wish all racers and organizations well, but this concerns me.
    Good luck to all involved,
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    Good afternoon Marty and all of the great people who make up the exciting world of Alcohol Dragster and Alcohol Funny Car! First and foremost let me say that Marty is 100% correct, the purses for this weekend, to put it bluntly, SUCK!!! I am asking each and everyone of you who compete in these two TEMENDOUSLY UNDERVALUED classes to look at this weekend the same way that we are, as an investment in the future. Below is a breakdown of what the amazing team at the ADRL was able to do in just 6 short years! We grew our purses from $292,500.00 in 2005 to $1,554,500.00 in 2010!!! We can do it again! WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!! The only difference is that we are building the new ADRL around Pro Alcohol Dragster and Pro Alcohol Funny Car running to 1,000 feet as opposed to Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous running to the 1/8th mile. We will still have 3 separate Pro Mod classes, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle as well as a compliment of several great Sportsman classes. At our first 2005 ADRL event in Hattiesburg, Mississippi we had just 24 cars show up, 16 in Pro Extreme and 8 in Pro Nitrous. That's it! Fast forward a couple of years and we were getting 50+ in Pro Extreme at some events and 40+ in Pro Nitrous. That investment in 2005 paid HUGE dividends in 2006-2010! So I am asking each and every one of you who can make it this weekend to please give us a chance. I know it's asking a lot, but I believe with all of my heart when you are the STARS OF THE SHOW, racing in front of HUGE crowds for larger purses, contingency and a championship points fund in 2017 you will look back on this weekend as one of the best investments that you have ever made! I am available to talk to each and every one of you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all questions or concerns at 636-515-9161. Thank you for your time today...

    All the best,
    Kenny Nowling
    President and CEO

    ADRL Total Payouts 2005-2010 Not Including Contingency Sponsorships (Before we sold our beloved ADRL to Al-Anabi Racing and their people took over in 2011 and 2012!)

    2005 - $292,500.00
    2006 - $379,500.00
    2007 - $870,000.00
    2008 - $894,625.00
    2009 - $1,554,500.00
    2010 - $1,554,500.00
    TOTAL - $5,545,625.00

  4. Barry Ferriolo

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    not that it matters...but just for the record... if you have a bronze card it's not free to enter a national event. you must pay $100 and that will get you 1 driver and 1 crew pass. every crew pass after that is $85
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    what happened to the live feed that was supposed to be on mmtv?

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