'97 Pontiac Firebird Top Alcohol Funny Car - Rolling Chassis

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    :eek: December 1994 S &W Chassis --- Built for Tony Bartone – 1996 World Champ
    NHRA Chassis Tech to March 2005 --- Never Crashed
    All Required SFI Certifications Recently Re-done & Current
    Will meet minimum NHRA (2250 lb.) and IHRA (2200 lb.) weights w/180lb. driver
    Great starter car – has run 5.60’s at over 255 mph

    Complete Roller with spares includes:

    • All original electrical wiring, operating cables and plumbing originally attached to chassis and components (prepped for MSD 44, Pleuger pump, Trick fuel system, etc.)
    • MSD tach converter
    • Complete steering – chromed components
    • Complete recently installed Phoenix Fire System
    • 3 lead shot filled removable weight bars
    • Sprung wheelie bar assembly – single wheel
    • 4 Wheel brakes – Carbon/carbon rears
    • Fuel tank, oil sump tank, puke tank with lines and fittings. System 1 oil filter
    • CO2 system for trans shift (w/shift valves) fuel management & mag retard/advance
    • Autometer memory tach w/shift light & chips, Autometer oil pressure gauge & lines, SAE manual mag kill switch
    • Reflective driver harness (new), Taylor nomex seat cover& roll bar padding
    • Simpson bottle, valve and hose fresh air system
    • Composite Hairy Glass body with all trees, tin, windows, hatches, spill plates & spoilers, fireproof paint, carbon fibre blooey pipe, Simpson chutes w/pilots, etc.
    • ProDesign 9½”sheet metal differential housing using all Strange components including floaters, carbon/carbon brakes & 40 spline rifled drilled axles
    • Strange Ultra OR Mark Williams complete 9” or 9½” centre section
    • 4 Centerline ConvoPro SFI 15.3 wheels, Goodyear Frontrunners, Hoosier rear tires with correct Goodyear safety spares and air containers installed

    Includes several spare parts and miscellaneous items specific to care & operation of roller assembly described above.

    Price: $22,000.00

    (403) 284-1233 - Email: bob.reynolds@shaw.ca

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