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  1. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    browell bellhowsing for quickdrive non lockup $1250. contact me at 4103039545
  2. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    60 milimeter bullet cam , call for specifications $400. contact me at 4103039545
  3. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    56 percent gear set $650. contact me at 4103039545
  4. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    44 percent gear set fine spline $600. contact me at 4103039545
  5. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    aft 11 inch 2 disk clutch with extra stands for 3 disk for $1000. contact me at 4103039545
  6. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    8 and 5 8s TIT can $1500. contact me at 4103039545
  7. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    msd 6 shooter $200. contact me at 4103039545
  8. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    100 tall brad block fresh from brad new sleeves, 2 saddles 4467 bore has never been windowed $4700. contact me at 4103039545
  9. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    brad red stand rocker assembly $2200. contact me at 4103039545
  10. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    brad 6 heads complete, selling for $4000. contact me at 4103039545
  11. ggracing
    ggracing Sand Daddy
    Can you send me a few pics at
    It’s a fine spline 25 gear set in it correct?
    Does reverser have neutral in it or not.
    Thank you.
    You can text the pics to me at 925.352.5130
  12. ggracing
    ggracing Sand Daddy
    Does your 2 speed have a reverser with it?
    1. Sand Daddy
      Sand Daddy
      The 2 speed does not have reverser mounted, but I do have a separate reverser. Let me know if you’re interested maybe we can work something out.
      Nov 6, 2017
    2. ggracing
      Would you sell the reverser separate? If not, what price for 2 speed and reverser?
      Nov 7, 2017
    3. Sand Daddy
      Sand Daddy
      Asking $800 for the reverser, or package deal on reverser and 2 speed for $2000
      Nov 7, 2017
  13. Pysher
    Send me a text at 570-274-3561 for some pictures.
  14. Ken Kudlo
    Ken Kudlo Pysher

    What kind of shape are your RCD magnesium front dual mag drives in and how much do you want to get out of them?
  15. ryley1471
    ryley1471 Mike Canter
    Anyone have any overdrive tech help. 498 bbc dart 360 ,grp rods, Ross 8:1 pistons with a stripped 8-71 at 46% over. I put on a mooneyham 14-71 stripped. Do I need to drastically reduce my overdrive ?
  16. cheyenne
    cheyenne turbotim
    how much for the 8mm pulleys?
    1. turbotim
      $125.00 for 2 pulleys and 2 belts
      Oct 8, 2017
  17. lucky2wd
    lucky2wd jay70cuda
    did you sell the crossover switches?
  18. h2b puller
    h2b puller s.albrittonentinc
    is it helix or high heix psi blower?

  19. backmotor
    Ready to go racing !!
  20. sean70ss
    sean70ss Vxssgen111
    please send pic of motor