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  1. Leeza Diehl
  2. hines
    hines jody stroud
    did you ever try the 18-71
  3. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    Hey Will when will the news editor Finally say something about Cowies chances may finally happen- And I am still not been promoted from Comp. elim. This site has fallen behind big time-
  4. kosky racing
    kosky racing News Editor
    When will something new come to this news editor section- like cowie has finally got his chance at the championship?
  5. Fliptop70
    Fliptop70 thepuller
    Hi sir, this is a long shot but I am in the market for a few sets of Dart 96 fuel heads and I say you had a set
    For sale a couple years back. Was wondering if you still had them?

    Thanks Rob
  6. vwsamba
    vwsamba Allen Meyer
    Hi. I'd like to buy the DJ oil pump cover. Let me total to CA 90301 and payment info. Thanks
  7. Ray Hadford
    Ray Hadford Dirty Deeds
    Hello Neil

    Please send my your e-mail address .... you are 19 hours ahead of us.

  8. DCobeen
    DCobeen fed6851
    Would you ext me the price please. 808-987-1986 DCobeen
  9. Tony B.
    Tony B.
    Raced TAD dragster between 1985 - 1988. TF between 1989 - 1995.
  10. Tony B.
    Tony B.
    Running an A-Fuel Dragster in European FIA Championship from 2021 >
  11. Templar Motorsports
  12. DCobeen
    DCobeen blownhemi
    Whats the price on the steering wheel + quick release.
    Dcobeen 808-987-1986
  13. William Bonillas
    William Bonillas Will Hanna
    Livestream for Texas testing?
  14. Casey
    I have a 10.7” boninfante it comes with a ti hat and flywheel also have an aluminum flywheel and it comes with a browell can as well
  15. h2b puller
    h2b puller moparchris440
    has the mag big or small cap?
  16. 125wheelbase
    125wheelbase Casey
    I'm interested in your clutch. Is there a # I can call and a good time to call to visit with you ? Charles
    1. Casey
      Hey Charles sorry i didn’t see your message you can call me anytime 301-641-0092 thanks
      Apr 9, 2020
    2. 125wheelbase
      Casey I can't find your add telling of what you have for sale. Refresh my memory please. I'm looking for a 10" crower pedal clutch ? Charles
      Apr 9, 2020
    3. 125wheelbase
      Ya know Casey, I decided that I can find one closer to where I live, now that I think about it. Thanks for getting back with me though.
      Apr 9, 2020
  17. John byob
    John byob Lou Osman
    Hi Lou get back to me about ur heads text 1 204 918 9823
  18. Chi Town Brown
    Chi Town Brown Joey Mackillican
    What length studs are you looking for. Have a full set of 10 9/16 and 11.00
  19. stevepw
    Getting there!
  20. blue boat
    blue boat paint guy
    It’s a solid block(10.900 deck with 1/2” head studs) and profiler 174x solid heads . Has a forged 4.25 (0/0)crank with GRP rods and 11-1 ross pistons. #7 on the block had a repair but was done correctly. Has a bds manifold. Cam is an isky(.777/.748 .292/296 114)& crane .904 lifters
    1. paint guy
      paint guy
      I failed to say I wanted a water block
      Feb 10, 2020