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  1. ryley1471
    ryley1471 Mike Canter
    Anyone have any overdrive tech help. 498 bbc dart 360 ,grp rods, Ross 8:1 pistons with a stripped 8-71 at 46% over. I put on a mooneyham 14-71 stripped. Do I need to drastically reduce my overdrive ?
  2. cheyenne
    cheyenne turbotim
    how much for the 8mm pulleys?
    1. turbotim
      $125.00 for 2 pulleys and 2 belts
      Oct 8, 2017
  3. lucky2wd
    lucky2wd jay70cuda
    did you sell the crossover switches?
  4. h2b puller
    h2b puller s.albrittonentinc
    is it helix or high heix psi blower?

  5. backmotor
    Ready to go racing !!
  6. sean70ss
    sean70ss Vxssgen111
    please send pic of motor
  7. FMFC573
    FMFC573 youngtuner
    hi can you send pics of crower clutch to or text to 303-918-9967
  8. 125wheelbase
    125wheelbase CjRedden
    I'd be interested in your TFX 92 blocks
  9. h2b puller
    h2b puller Money Shot
    Can you E-mail me some pictures.
  10. leshall
    leshall Slade racing
    Are you interested in this car you requested more information on ? If so send me your contact info and I'll send you some. 4065645083
  11. f3r-camaro
    f3r-camaro Mike Heath
    I saw a post saying you had a TFX block that was windowed that you wanted to sell. Do you still have it?
    Thanks Jeff Miller
    1. Mike Heath
      Mike Heath
      It has been sold , thanks
      Sep 17, 2017
  12. sunday driver
  13. dragster156
    dragster156 larrymiersch
    Price of the car and parts that come with it? Thanks
    Also how wide is the cage?
  14. dragster156
    dragster156 sunday driver
    How wide is the cage? Thanks
  15. dragster156
    dragster156 blownracer-a/fuel
    What is your asking price on the dragster and what parts are included? Thank you
    LOTSOHP Nitrolink
    Hi Brandon. I am in need of 2 possibly 3 USM's the 4 channel Universal sensor modules that convert 4 hardwired 0-5v sensors into the v-net cable. I also need a analog pressure box for fuel press, oil press, pan vac, manifold vac/press. Thanks!
  17. powermaxx
    powermaxx ybmotorsports
    10.7 billet block Pics to powermaxxracing@gmail and what is all in it.

    Also looking for a crankshaft (4" stroke preferred). LMK if you have one.
  18. sunday driver
  19. blownhemi
    blownhemi Larry G
    We will take. 100.00 for the setup cap. And the straightner. Plus shipping. Text me or call 812-208-2867
  20. Pysher
    Pysher NENE
    Hello, I am building a B1 MO motor with a 14-71 Blower. I was just curious what your combination is and have you had any issues with the heads?