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  1. Bill Masiello
    Bill Masiello Frontenginedragsters
    Do you run a small block on nitro ?
  2. tfb37
    tfb37 Brendan
    Hi,what can you tell me about the flowmeter?
  3. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    will give me a call
  4. kosky racing
    kosky racing Frank Schuster
    Frank do you return phone calls? mike
  5. Darby Neagle
    Darby Neagle Will Hanna
    I need to move the roller funnycar I have. I need some shop space by the end of November. I can drop the price to $10,000. What do you have available to get the listed views by as many as possible as quick as possible?
  6. kosky racing
    kosky racing MoparMartian
    call me at 412 498 7147
  7. Leeza Diehl
    Leeza Diehl
    please contact to purchase items listed in the classifieds.
  8. h2b puller
    h2b puller lvmsracer
    stage 1 or stage 2 pump ?
    1. lvmsracer
      Sorry it’s been sold
      Aug 20, 2019
  9. John byob
    John byob quickcut
    Shoot me a price thx and will go frm there thx
  10. Bikerphil
    Bikerphil ROBERT TURNER
    Hi Rob, just wanted to say thanks for dropping those parts off at the Summer Nationals. It's much appreciated.
    Phil Crossley
  11. Blownalky
  12. Edward Pearsons
    Edward Pearsons Brian Gawlik
    I am interested in 10" clutch stuff ? I talked to Bill D.@ the track Sat. Thanks,Ed Pearsons781-507-5930
  13. leshall
    leshall Senior moments
    Would it be possible for you to contact me, looking for a little advice on a blown small block we are running thanks Les 4065645083
  14. tom pickett
    tom pickett JBM
    hey jeff
    anything on the blower studds
  15. John byob
    John byob Kamikaze85
    Hi I am in Canada but I want the heads shipped to the US at least. Heads r in burpengary east 13 hours frm Sydney let me know thx
  16. John byob
    John byob Kamikaze85
    Hi I am frm Winnipeg Manitoba Canada thx
  17. Matt
    Matt ATT

    I sent you an email about the rear ends a week or so ago with no reply, not sure if you got it, I kept up my end of the deal 100% as far as I'm concerned, the new rear end has no brake calipers or wheel nuts and worst of all the bolt pattern is 5 inch not 5.5 . Are you prepared to send me the brake calipers and wheel nuts, I'll order 5 inch pattern centres for my wheels.

  18. gf20295
    gf20295 caseyspradlin
    Casey: building my 1st blower motor for top dragster...up here in division 3 it's impossible to qualify on nitrous. i'll be running a dart cast bbc with steel main caps, callies magnum plus crank, with je pistons. a couple of questions for you...should i run steel or aluminum rods?? and could you suggest a cam?? thank you very much for the help. greg fedak
  19. Darvin Martinets
    Darvin Martinets tom pickett
    If you ever need a driver, let me know. I still have everything
  20. ike1964
    ike1964 HootersFunnyCar
    I sold the Lenco you still interested in the 1.28 gear set