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  1. Outlaw Funnycar
    Outlaw Funnycar secondwindracing
    Hey if you still have the plans for the jacks you built send them to me if you don't mind. There are many ways around a patent. Trust me been there done that.
  2. Dragnut
  3. h2b puller
    h2b puller DaCajun
    is this still for sale?
    let me know
  4. sean70ss
    sean70ss Hemi Norm
    I will take the blower 832-752-7200 Sean
  5. h2b puller
    h2b puller stormersmfwd
    could you e mail me some pictures to
  6. h2b puller
    h2b puller BBRT
    what size has the top opening and how much are the rotors setback top opening any damage cracks or?
    contact me directly
  7. h2b puller
  8. BBRT
    pictures sent
  9. sean70ss
    sean70ss BBRT
    can you send pics of the oil and fuel tank 832-752-7200
  10. Larry Wycoff
    Larry Wycoff Will Hanna
    Will, do you have any more of your crew member manuals for sale?
  11. blownapex
    blownapex secondwindracing
    do you sell the prism still
    or were can i buy it
  12. dragster156
    dragster156 Brendan
    Can you send pics of the beadlocks.
    1. Brendan
      I sent photos -they were returned - is my e mail
      Dec 22, 2018
  13. quickcut
    quickcut hines
    How much for you k11
  14. mike250
    mike250 Theapprentice
    the price for the d rotor only is $10,500, or $11,000 w mini snout. Thanks Mike
  15. Ron Meyer
    Ron Meyer Outlaw Funnycar
    Gordon, glad to see you're a member here. Ran the bike Saturday, but didn't do so well. Bob Szabo was there and figured out what was wrong. I made a mistake putting the mags together.

  16. blownapex
    blownapex jeffj
    can you get me his contact info on the 1.19 planetary assy
  17. h2b puller
    h2b puller lvmsracer
    Could you sent some pictures from the blower and hat to
    what lenght snout. top opening and how much are the rotors setback on the top off the blower?
  18. tdracer
    tdracer Eric
    Eric, I have a '92 TFX block , 4.310 sleeves not installed, gear drive, cover, pan...ect. I bought it for a project but ended up buying a turnkey car. I will need to check if its +100. Would you be interested in all of it? Brian,
    1. Eric
      Yes, if it is 100 tall then very interested. I don't need the sleeves... let me know. Thanks!
      Nov 5, 2018
  19. Theapprentice
    $1100 USD For the 4 Belts, $200 USD for the Idler Pulley, $3200USD for a 58 AMP Mag, 11mm top Pulleys are flat face
  20. Theapprentice
    Hi Sorry for the late Reply