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  1. poolman
    poolman swansonhydro
    I have a set of older GM solid heads . There are EPD heads nice porting, comes with valves. Send me your email for some pics. $1500 takes them thanks Tony
    1. swansonhydro
      Thanks but need to run water
      Feb 14, 2017 at 3:42 PM
  2. rfitzgerrel
    rfitzgerrel aort
    would like to know about mounting a starter on a m MBR in a door car do you have any pic or do start off the blower.
    thanks Richard
  3. kosky racing
    kosky racing Nitrolink
    Got any studs for Brad short deck 1/2-9/16--------1/2 -1/2---for newer style block short
    1. Nitrolink
      Thank you for the message... Nothing right now on those size studs... I can keep a lookout for a set. and keep you posted if I come across anything.
      All the best,
      Feb 3, 2017
  4. GTPerf
    He who dies with the most toys WIN's !
  5. GottaGoFaster
    Building first blown alcohol hemi promod style car.
  6. GottaGoFaster
    Building first blown alcohol hemi.
  7. Paul Noakes
    Paul Noakes Sam Jenkins
    Hi Sam , I have a few questions to ask you. How can I reach you? Email or phone #
    Thank you
    1. Sam Jenkins
      Sam Jenkins
      Hey Paul you can call me at 828-226-9740 or email at
      Jan 16, 2017
  8. Eric
    Eric Mark Billington
    Hey Mark, Still have that TFX92 dry sump pan for $200? LMK

    Thanks, Eric
  9. rob s
    rob s Kenneth S
    Hey Ken looking fr more infr on r snd b chassis guys bought charlie prolite 1997 front engine dragster roller email me 71mervin thx
  10. rob s
    rob s willy200
    Hey will i have a ten inch ram clutch with starter ring gear uf u need thx
  11. KeithDyer
    KeithDyer BEDNAR1320
    Do you have your 565 BBC posted for sale somewhere???
  12. garyy cristan
  13. Dirty Deeds
  14. OwnBlock
    OwnBlock cheyenne
  15. cheyenne
    cheyenne OwnBlock
    Any help would be very helpful
  16. roadshow
    roadshow Eric Vollmer
    Hi Eric,

    Regarding your for sale post:

    10” Clutch Disks
    10” Steel Large Stand Floaters

    I am interested in preferably new disks and 3 cutter floaters. I have a 10" 6 big stand Crower, and the shaft is 1.375" 10 spline.

    I'm somewhat local and could arrange to pick up. Give me a call and let me know.

    Bill Anderson
  17. hines
    hines drew556
    Do you have a email that I can send you something
    1. drew556
      Nov 17, 2016
  18. scattin
    scattin turbo69camaro
    I have a sale pending on a combo deal if he don't get the money here by tomorrow I have some one else that wants blower and I will sell you the racepak thanks
  19. turbo69camaro
    turbo69camaro scattin
    would you take 3000 for the race pak
  20. kbhemi
    kbhemi JustinatAce
    I run a clutch in a blown pro mod - I basically rev the motor to 5000 stage then drop the hammer. I have a two step but I just use it to lean fuel and give me a safety rpm. I'd like to leave at full throttle on the two step - should I light the top bulb and mat the throttle then stage OR try to full stage and then mat the throttle. 4.09 at 179 1/8 mile best so far - thanks Wayne Roberts