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  1. Camp Stanley
    Camp Stanley AlcoholFan
    I am interested in a couple intake and exhaust rockers and one each intyake and exhaust rocker shaft.

    Please call or text 301 524 6365

    Camp Stanley
  2. Casey Grisel
    Casey Grisel thexpressteam
    We have 2 Lenco CS1s for sale. do you have a number we can contact you at? or an email?

  3. h2b puller
    h2b puller Runnin' on Empty
    i have some new ones standart mains 9/16 stud with 5/8 step (what position are you llookinf for?
  4. h2b puller
    h2b puller Newk
    i have a new set crane roller lifters $ 550,-
  5. Royce Hurlock
    Royce Hurlock
    looking for work
  6. h2b puller
    h2b puller jmercer
    could you e-mail some pictures off the pump and magdrive to

  7. h2b puller
    h2b puller jmercer
    could you e-mail some pictures off the pump and offset magdrive
    NITRONEWBEE smokinboyz
    can you send me pics and price please - cheers Mike.
  9. going blown
    going blown blownapex
    Hello Duane. Are you going to Tulsa in a few weeks for Midwest race?
    1. blownapex
      Oct 4, 2018
  10. Four_Thirteen
    Not bad for a homegrown
  11. gordon tarbell
    gordon tarbell Outlaw Funnycar
    The 80A pump is probably the best bet with only 10% over on blower and smaller nozzles would get the pressures where they should be. Call Bob Szabo he could give you a very close base line so as not to hurt anything. His number should still be 916 419 66 49 west coast or you could punch into search engine . Tell him Gordon Tarbell sent you.
  12. ryanm294
    ryanm294 Battleborn
    Specialize in truck and tractor pulling engines. Have a lot of fat head parts for sale. From blocks to lifters to complete motors. Give us a call at TFS Performance 812-358-5327
    Thanks Ryan
  13. gf20295
    gf20295 DANA WARDELL
    Dana: please e mail me the details on the shorty powerglide and converter. thank you greg @ thank you
  14. Larry Coglianese
    Larry Coglianese Fireballmonza177
    I have one set left long bottles no dot but full if interested
  15. tom pickett
    tom pickett jeffj
    Hey Jeff I just read your post what car did you have.
  16. MaineAlkyFan
    MaineAlkyFan Dan Mercier
    Hi Dan-

    I've worked crew for Mark & Fred Tigges for the past five years. I was talking with Mark & we were wondering if you needed any help for the upcoming National at NED. This is a backyard race for both of us. If you need any extra hands, let me know, I think we could make ourselves available.

    Chris Saulnier - Team Tigges
    Mechanic Falls, Maine

    (207) 657-7000 ext.655 weekdays
  17. aafa213
    aafa213 secondwindracing
    hey dave do you still sell prisim ?? if so i need to see about getting some thanks Mark 813-644-0426
  18. Billy Watkins
    Billy Watkins
    ISO--crank trigger for blown hemi--thanks billy
  19. skynard
    skynard bruce boland
    do you still have the rocker set
  20. konrodz
    konrodz greenracing
    The restraint Is available as a blower bag . They are both being sold separately. If you are interested in both please email me directly at